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Join Kadonation in giving back to Mother Earth

Kadonation is happy to contribute to the well-being of our planet. That is why they collaborate with WeForest.

This non-profit organisation’s slogan is ‘Making Earth Cooler’. WeForest restores forests in tropical countries by planting trees. They work in Ethiopia, Zamia, India, Tanzania and Brazil. Their way of working is a scalable solution for a cooler climate, more biodiversity and less poverty. WeForest encourages businesses to join them, and to have a positive impact on our planet. Kadonation is proud to be one of those businesses.

This is what we do

Our Kadonation Gift Voucher is a unique gift. It’s valid indefinitely and can be redeemed at more than 60 gift partners. You can order a Kadonation gift voucher easily in our web shop. For every € 100 spent on gift vouchers, we plant one WeForest tree in Zambia.

But you too can contribute!

This is what you can do

Join our Kadonation loyalty programme

From the moment you have started an online groupgift, and you are collecting funds or when you contribute to a groupgift, you collect KadoCoins. For each € contributed to or collected in a groupgift, you receive a KadoCoin. If you subscribe to our newsletter and if you like our Facebook page, you receive an additional 100 KadoCoins. From the moment you’ve collected € 500 KadoCoins, you can choose to plant 5 trees with WeForest..

Collect money via Kadonation and gift it entirely to WeForest

WeForest is also a Gift Partner of Kadonation. You can start an online groupgift, collect funds with friends, family or colleagues, and spend it on WeForest. Each € collected in your groupgift, is gifted entirely to WeForest.

Gift (part of) your Kadonation gift to WeForest

Did you receive a Kadonation Gift Voucher? Then you have the possibility to give (a part of) your Kadonation gift to WeForest. In this way, every € you give goes entirely to WeForest.