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Kadonation is the cheapest crowdfunding platform in the Benelux!
Set up your crowdfunding page, invite people to contribute, and use it without difficulty!

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Kadonation lets you choose a gift from more than 1000 shops! You can’t even find that many shops in your average shopping district. Yet with Kadonation, you are sure to always find the perfect gift. A joy for all parties!

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We love loyal customers. Anyone who uses Kadonation to give a gift, earns a little (or a large) present for themselves. Do you want to enjoy extra offers or discounts? Make sure you sign up. Anyone who gifts a lot, will get a lot of rewards. And Kadonation is full of surprises

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Would you like to start a crowdfunding campaign? Are you looking for people that contribute money to projects? Kadonation is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to set up your crowdfunding campaign in just a few clicks for every noble goal.

You can collect money for an association, for a school, to help someone in a difficult situation or to help someone realize their dream. Every kind of corwdfunding campaign is possible on Kadonation

Furthermore, Kadonation is the cheapest crowdfunding platform out of all crowdfunding platforms in the Benelux. With a transaction cost of only 4%, you don't have to look at any other crowdfunding platforms for your campaign.

Start your online crowdfunding campaign, personalise the page of your crowdfunding, share the link and find out how to collect the money. Anyone can contribute from anywhere in the world and the money from your campaign can be spent at any time.