Why is the Kadonation gift voucher the best option for me?

There are nothing but perks attached to the Kadonation gift voucher. The gift voucher is valid indefinitely which means there is no expiration date you have to worry about. Feel free to take your time to think about the gift(s) you want to buy. Additionally, there is no need to limit yourself to one gift partner. There are over 30 gift partners to choose from including Coolblue, Zalando, and Dreambaby, as well as providers of leisure activities such as eKart, Puzzle Escape Rooms, SuperJump, and Bluebear.

What is the Kadonation gift voucher?

A Kadonation gift voucher is a wonderful variation on gift vouchers. It is valid indefinitely and can be used to buy gifts from over 30 gift partners. You'll immediately receive a digital version of this gift voucher via email. All you need to do is download it and print it, put it in a nice little envelope and give it to the lucky recipient.

What does this digital gift voucher look like?

The digital gift voucher will be available for download as soon as you have completed your order. You will also receive a copy via email. You can choose to mention the name of all contributors and the recipient along with a personalised message. Additionally, the total amount of collected money will be mentioned on the digital gift voucher.

What is the Kadonation gift box?

Buying a Kadonation gift box is optional and a perfect choice for those who like to receive a little extra something. Within 3 business days, you'll receive a gift box containing your gift voucher. You'll still receive a digital copy of your gift voucher via email. A gift box costs €4,50 (shipping costs included).

How does the Kadonation gift voucher work?

Use the Kadonation gift voucher to gift someone a wonderful gift or fun experience. The lucky recipient can exchange their Kadonation gift voucher for a gift voucher from one of our gift partners. The recipient can then choose what exactly to do with it which makes it the perfect gift for anyone!

Valid indefinitely

The Kadonation gift voucher does not have an expiration date. Once you've exchanged your Kadonation gift voucher for a gift voucher from one or more of our gift partners, the gift partner's terms and conditions apply.

Gift partners

Kadonation has joined forces with over 30 gift partners who offer a wide range of products and experiences to choose from. Whether it's electronics, fashion, baby stuff, interior design, or outdoor decorations you're interested in, you'll find something you're looking for. But you can also use your money to go karting, skiing, scuba diving, or to try and solve an escape room. Anything's possible when you gift someone a Kadonation gift voucher.


Order online

You can order both digital gift vouchers and Kadonation gift boxes on our website. Choose which one of the two you would like, choose how many gift vouchers and/or boxes you would like, and choose how much they should be worth. Once they're added to your shopping basket, you can personalise each of them individually.

How do I redeem a coupon code?

Once you've added the desired gift vouchers and/or gift boxes to your shopping basket, you will have the option to fill in your coupon code. The amount will be deducted automatically.

Personalise your gift voucher

You can edit the names of the contributor(s) and the recipient(s) for each individual gift voucher and/or gift box. Additionally, you can add a personalised message. The names and message will be added to both the digital and physical gift voucher. This is optional. You can also choose to order a neutral gift voucher which can be gifted to anyone.


Online payment

Once you continue you order, you will have to fill in your personal information. This is necessary for both private and business-related purchases. Next, you will be able to choose your favoured payment method. The instructions that follow will tell you what to do next. As soon as you've successfully completed your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. The final page will show you an overview of your order information and provive you with a link to download and print your gift vouchers.

Why am I unable to pay by credit card?

Mollie, our payment provider, does not allow customers to pay via VISA and Mastercard at the moment. It is always possible to pay via Paypal which allows you to connect your credit card to your account.



Digital gift vouchers can be downloaded and printed immediately after ordering them. You'll also receive them via email. Our Kadonation gift boxes will be shipped to your as soon as we receive your payment. You can expect Bpost to deliver them at your doorstep within 3 business days.

Do you ship outside of Belgium?

Shipping costs only cover delivery within Belgium. If you'd like to receive a Kadonation gift voucher in other parts of the world, you can buy a digital gift voucher which you will receive via email. You can then print it.

Spending your gift voucher

Spending your gift voucher

You can spend your gift voucher on our website using the unique code you can find on said voucher. You will then be presented with an overview of all of our gift partners. Choose one or more of our partners and use your gifted money to buy one of their vouchers. You can use this voucher to buy products from the online or physical store of the gift partner of your choice.

Do I have to spend the total amount at one (online) store?

No. You are completely at liberty to use the money on your gift voucher to buy from multiple different gift partners. When exchanging your Kadonation gift voucher, you can choose the amount you want to spend on a gift voucher from a particular gift partner.

Can I exchange multiple Kadonation gift vouchers for gift vouchers from one specific gift partner?

Were you lucky enough to receive multiple Kadonation gift vouchers? You can exchange them for gift vouchers from any of our gift partners. This means that you can also exchange them for more than one gift voucher from one specific partner. Do remember to read the terms and conditions of the gift partner of your choice to make sure the gift vouchers can be used during a single purchase.

Other questions

Gift vouchers for business purposes

At Kadonation, it is also possible to buy gift vouchers for business purposes. Request a proposition by filling in your company details and selecting whether you want to receive digital gift vouchers and/or Kadonation gift boxes. Choose how many of them you want and add additional remarks or questions to your order. If you want, you can personalise gift vouchers and boxes by adding your company logo or using your company colours.

How can I become a gift partner?

Contact us at contact@kadonation.com to let us know you're interested in being one of our gift partners. Terms and condition will be discussed during our first meeting.

I lost my Kadonation gift voucher. What do I do?

Digital gift vouchers can be downloaded immediately after purchase and a copy will be sent to the buyer via email. When buying a Kadonation gift box, as well, a digital version will be sent via email. In any case, a copy of your Kadonation gift voucher can be found in the inbox of the person who purchased it.

Can I top up the balance of my Kadonation gift voucher?

Yes, you sure can. To top up the balance of your Kadonation gift voucher you only need to go to your dashboard on our website and select your gift voucher beneath 'My recently received gifts' and click on 'spend the collected money'. On that page you will see in the upper right corner 'top up money'. Then you can top up the balance of your gift voucher.

How can I check my Kadonation gift voucher balance?

Sign in to Kadonation. As soon as you've filled in your Kadonation gift voucher code, your gift voucher will be added to the 'Recently received gift vouchers' tab. You can now check your gift voucher balance at any time.

I received an error message when trying to spend my Kadonation gift voucher.

Make sure you've signed in using the correct email address and password. As soon as you're logged in, you'll be able to find your Kadonation gift voucher under the 'Recently received gift vouchers' tab on your dashboard if you've filled in your gift voucher code. There's no need to fill in your code twice. Your Kadonation gift voucher is safely stored on your account. All you need to do is click it to be able to spend it.