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Easily collect money for your money pot

Create a money pot, invite friends & family to contribute and use the money!


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Why use Kadonation?

Why not? It's completely free!

Kadonation, voorbeeld

Never lend money again

Using Kadonation means never having to lend money again. Everyone can contribute from wherever they are! You can also set up automated reminders so you'll never have to ask anyone to contribute yourself.

Kadonation, voorbeeld

Give something else instead of the same old gift

No inspiration on what to buy as a gift? Let the beneficiary make the decision himself with a Kadonation voucher: never expires and you can use it with more than 25 giftpartners!

Kadonation, voorbeeld

Never lose your head

Kadonation gives you a clear overview of who has contributed to your moneypot and who hasn't. Contributing anonymously is possible as well.

Create a money pot, share the link, receive all the contributions!

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