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Planning on going on a trip or holiday with friends? Use Kadonation to take care of the financial side of things in advance!

Set up a money pot, invite people to contribute, and plan your group activity without worry!


Create a money pot


Why use Kadonation?

Why not? It is completely free!

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Never lend money for group gifts again

Using Kadonation, everyone can contribute anywhere and everywhere so you never had to lend anyone money for group gifts again! Additionally, thanks to automatic reminders, you'll never have to keep asking people to contribute either.

Kadonation, voorbeeld

Give something other than a bottle of champagne

No gift inspiration? Have the lucky recipient decide what to buy with a gift voucher: they are valid indefinitely and can be used to buy gifts from over 30 of our gift partners! Or you can choose to transfer the collected money to a bank account.

Kadonation, voorbeeld

Never lose track of transactions

Kadonation provides you with a clear overview of who has and hasn't contributed to your money pot. Would you like contributions to happen more discreetly? No problem!

Collect money without having to lend money

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