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Easily collect money for your money pot

Create a money pot, invite friends & family to contribute and use the money!

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How does Kadonation work?

Start a money pot

Invite friends, family & colleagues to contribute

Wait until you have enough money

Choose a gift from one of our giftpartners or transfer the amount to a bank-account or give a Kadonation gift voucher and let the choice be with the recipient

What can you do with the collected money?

  1. Choose the amount of the transfer
  2. Give the information of the recipient
  3. In 3 work days the money will be on your bank account!


Choosing a gift from one (or more) of our giftpartners is completely free. Only when you want to transfer ( a part ) of the money to a bank account, you pay a fee of 4% on that amount.

Fast / Easy

Start a money pot in less than 30 seconds. Invite other by e-mail, Facebook or by sharing the link.


Invitees can safely contribute and choose whether their contribution is visible for others or not


You choose who sees what.

Create a money pot, share the link, receive all the contributions!

Start a money pot Or view an example