Kadonation December promotion

In co-operation with the Kadonation Santa Claus

In the month of december the Kadonation Santa Claus will share Christmas gifts. For every money pot* you create in the month of december, you may choose one of the following 3 gifts:

  • a Kadonation gift card from €5
  • 10 (Christmas)trees with our partner WeForest
  • a Win For Life ticket of €3 (only available in Belgium)

When you close your money and spend the money, you'll be able to send an email to kerstman@kadonation.com for your gift of choice. The Kadonation Santa Claus will then make sure that the gift will come to you.

A Very Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!

 * This promotion is only valid for money pots with at least 3 contributors who have collected at least 50 euros. You can find the terms of the promotion here.

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Why use Kadonation?

Why not? It is completely free!

Never lend money for group gifts again

Never lend money for group gifts again

Give something other than a bottle of champagne

Give something other than a bottle of champagne

Never lose track of transactions

Never lose track of transactions

How does it work?

1 Quickly set up a money pot

Choose an occasion and set a deadline.

2 Easily invite friends, family, and colleagues

Via email, Facebook, or by sharing the direct link. Everyone will receive a personal invitation.

3 Effortlessly collect money

Invitees can safely pay using a banck card and can whether they want their contribution to be visible or not. You will be notified via email whenever a contribution is made.

4 Choose a gift

Buy a gift a gift voucher from one or more of our gift partners for no extra costs at all.

Bruno D. via Facebook

If you plan on collecting money for a group gift, Kadonation is a gift to use.

Marjolein Hortensius

Very convenient, very nice web shops and gift partners! I still haven't been able to decide what to spend my money pot on!

Nicolas K. via Facebook

Easy to use and fun platform to collect money for group gifts. Say goodbye to arguments about who has or hasn't pitched in yet.