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About Ecowings


From discarded car tyres, Ecowings makes strong and high-quality bags and accessories. The products are handmade in Ecowings' own workshop, a social enterprise in India, through which Ecowings has a positive impact on local rural families and CO2 emissions.

Ecowings makes bags and accessories from truck inner tyres in India. By taking discarded inner tubes out of the waste stream and upcycling them into high-quality products, they avoid burning rubber in the open air. Ecowings bags and accessories are sustainable, stylish and each one unique.

Together with a local team of over 20 employees, Ecowings designs and manufactures bags and accessories by hand. In the Indore region, they thereby provide people from all social classes with employment, fair remuneration and ensure a comfortable, clean and safe working environment.

Distinguished, circular, committed

Skilled artisans are at the heart of Ecowings bags and accessories. By using robust zips, ironclad thread and solid closures, Ecowings products are as sustainable to use as they are to produce. Because of the uniqueness of each inner tube, each bag and accessory is also unique. No one in the world has the same one as you.

The Ecowings way

Like every company, Ecowings has a mission. And that is not to make as much money as possible at any cost. Of course our bills have to be paid. Naturally, we want to provide everyone within Ecowings with a good income and stable future. But we find it at least as important to contribute to the protection of people and the environment. By removing truck inner tubes from the waste stream and upcycling them into high-quality products, we are doing our bit. We help reduce CO2 emissions and show that you don't need to cut down forests or animal skins to run a healthy business.

Conditions of a Ecowings voucher

  • Any amount between € 10 and € 250 is allowed
  • Only usable in Belgium & the Netherlands
  • Exchange gift card on www.ecowings.nl/shop/
  • Valid for 2 year(s)
  • Sent digitally
  • Not combinable
  • The gift voucher can be used at multiple different times.
  • Not exchangeable for money

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