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Use the collected money from your online group gift here or use your Kadonation gift card to get a gift voucher from Plantiful

About Plantiful

Plantiful is a Belgian webshop specialising in trendy succulents, cacti, houseplants, dried flowers and accessories. Both for indoors and outdoors. Because in the past we ourselves always found it very annoying to find a suitable pot for a houseplant you bought or received, at Plantiful we offer a total concept of a plant with matching design flower pot.

This saves you a lot of time looking for a decorative pot that not only fits your plant, but also forms a beautiful whole.

Best of all: shipping within Belgium is always free!

Conditions of a Plantiful voucher

  • Any amount from this list is allowed:
  • Only usable in Belgium
  • Exchange gift card on www.plantiful.be/
  • Gift card is valid indefinitely
  • Sent digitally
  • Combinable
  • The gift voucher must be spent all at once with our gift partner.
  • Not exchangeable for money
  • This gift voucher is valid on all products offered through the web shop, except customised offers, and is valid indefinitely in time. Other promotions and discounts can be cumulated with the gift voucher. The full amount of the gift voucher must be spent at once

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Do you have a Kadonation gift card? Use it to get a Plantiful gift voucher

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