About Bednet

    • In Bednet’s first full school year of operation (2007-2008), it supported 37 children.
    • This number rose to 335 during the 2015-2016 school year, and to 511 this year.
    • Since Bednet was launched, 1,593 children with a long-term or chronic illness have used SIE in 1,111 Flemish schools.
    • One out of five Flemish schools has supported a pupil with a chronic or long-term illness by using Bednet to connect them with their classmates. Increasing numbers of schools have done this multiple times.
    • 359 children have received Bednet support lasting two or more school years.
    • The children and adolescents involved live in all parts of Flanders and Brussels. 69% of Bednet users attend secondary school.
    • 55% of children use Bednet for between seven months and one school year.
    • Cancer remains the most common illness suffered, affecting 26% of all users.

Mee met de les, en al de rest


Bednet ensures that children and adolescents who are absent from school due to illness, surgery or pregnancy can continue attending lessons – from their home and with their own class. The decree on education calls this synchronous internet education (SIE) - real-time distance learning. It is available for pre-school children from the age of 5 as well as primary and secondary school pupils in all certified state-subsidised schools in Flanders and Brussels. Equipment and counselling are free for schools and families for as long as they are needed.

Since vzw BEDNET can only issue tax certificates for direct donations according to Belgian regulations, it is not possible to obtain a tax certificate for your donation via Kadonation.