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  • How do you handle personal data?
    As you might expect, transparency and respecting your privacy are very important to us. We strictly comply with European data protection legislation. We always offer you the opportunity to read our privacy policy. before sharing personal information with us. This privacy policy describes in detail how we handle your data.
  • How can you contact us?
    Any questions? Please contact us as quickly as possible. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will do everything in our power to resolve your question.

    These are our contact details:
    Kadonation, Gordunakaai 61, 9000 Gent
    You can always reach us by phone on 09 396 32 00. 

    Remember to state your order number and describe your question as clearly as possible. You will receive a reply within two business days.
  • Do we value sustainability?
    At Kadonation, we highly value sustainability. For example, for every €500 worth of gifts we plant a tree via WeForest. Every time you make someone happy, Mother Earth smiles with you!

    In addition, most of our gift cards are sent digitally. Prefer physical ones anyway? Kadonation Gift Couchers come in boxes with the FSC label, which means the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. Moreover, all recipients choose their own gift thanks to the Kadonation Gift Card, so no gift goes to waste.

    Finally, we also offer a wide range of sustainable, physical gifts. Together, we make the world a little better!

    Like to know more? Read all about our sustainable initiatives.


  • Who is Kadonation Select for?
    Kadonation Select is primarily intended for organisations that are proactive about their company culture. Does your company give more than 50 gifts a year? Then you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of the platform.

    In a few clicks you can link your HR system, put together a well-thought-out gift policy and choose from a unique range of physical and digital gifts, all in one place. And the admin? Let the platform take care of that for you.

    More appreciation, less administration? Then give it a try, no strings attached!
  • How much does the gifting platform Kadonation Select cost?
    The Kadonation Select platform has 3 different price tiers. Besides a free version, there are 2 paying plans, tailored to our customers' needs. For more information, be sure to check out our pricing page.
  • What kind of gifts do you offer?
    We offer both our flexible Kadonation Gift Card and a selection of physical gifts. We also have a range of greetings cards.

    More information about our gifts can be found here.
  • Which occasions can I give gifts for?
    Simple: that’s entirely up to you. Kadonation has a unique range of gifts designed for every occasion: birthday, retirement, promotion, farewell, anniversary, summer, end-of-year, wedding, newborn, condolences, get well soon. Did you have another occasion in mind? At Kadonation you’re sure to find the right gift. 

    More information about the different occasions can be found here.
  • How many people can use one Kadonation Select account?
    There’s no limit. As the admin of your Kadonation Select account, you choose how many users you want to add. It also only take a few clicks to assign rights to those users (e.g. order gifts, view invoices, etc.)

    Do you have specific questions about this? Feel free to contact us!
  • Is there a minimum amount per order, or per type of gift?
    There is no minimum order amount. However, some gifts require a minimum order size.

    On our gift platform Kadonation Select you’ll find this information clearly listed per product.
  • What is the difference between an online store and your gift platform Kadonation Select?
    Below you can read about the main differences between a classic online gift store and the gift platform Kadonation Select.
    Classic online storeKadonation Select
    Adjust environment to my needs/The platform can be fully tailored to your needs and wishes.
    RangeExtensive, which can lead to too much choice. Also, not all products make for suitable staff gifts.Carefully selected and tailored to the occasions you as an organisation want to focus on to thank both your employees and your business partners.

    The gifts on the platform have been specifically selected and tested, so that as a customer you can be sure of the quality.
    UsersSingle user, so no overview of who has ordered what.Multi-user platform.

    Choose who gets access to the platform and who can order gifts.

    This makes it easy to see who has ordered what.
    Gift policy/You can adjust the platform to the occasions your organisation focuses on. You can also hide certain occasions if they’re not part of your gift policy.

    If you want, you can also specify the amounts for these occasions. This prevents whoever is doing the ordering from making their own ad-hoc decisions.

    If you don’t want to show certain gifts (e.g. alcohol) because they go against your gift policy, you can. Kadonation Select admin users decide this for themselves.
    PaymentDirectly when ordering, via credit card.On invoice so that not everyone needs a company credit card.
    Invoicing/You choose the invoice frequency (per order, per month etc.) and can even add a cost centre – the way to a super happy accounting team! No more random receipts for each gift. Instead everything is neatly centralised in one place.
    Link to your HR system/You can now link Kadonation Select with most employee management applications.

    This linking respects GDPR guidelines and ensures up-to-date employee information in the platform. This means you’ll always order the right amount and never forget anyone.

    This linking also allows you to have gifts delivered to the employee’s home address, without the Kadonation Select user being able to see their address.

    Note that you don’t have to link your HR system. You can also upload data using an Excel file.
    Budget/invoices overview/The platform provides clear reporting so you can easily see how much you spend per occasion.

    We also provide an easily downloadable overview of all your invoices.
    PersonalisationLimited and quite difficult/time-consuming to personalise for a large group.For every gift, we offer a card that can be personalised to a group or individual with a message tailored to the recipient.

    We also have many other personalisation options.

    See this page.
    Automation/Our automations, like our automated birthday/work anniversary service, offer a range of benefits. Never forget an employee’s work anniversary or birthday again!
    Home delivery for a groupWith a regular online store you have to manually enter each recipient and repeat the check-out process for each address.Via the platform you can easily send a group gift to 100 home addresses. All you have to do is upload an Excel file, or automate it by linking the platform to your HR system.
    Easy purchasing/One stop shop: delivery of all products and services through one supplier.


  • What is the delivery time for the gifts?
    The Kadonation Gift Card is delivered between 3 and 15 working days after your order, depending on the number and type (digital, in an envelope, in a box, with or without company branding etc.).

    For physical gifts, this depends a lot on the number and type of gift. Our gift platform Kadonation Select shows you the correct information for each gift.

    Do you have specific questions about this? Feel free to contact us!
  • Can I send gifts abroad? Which countries do you deliver to?
    You can have our Kadonation Gift Card delivered (either digitally or by post) to various European countries (like Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain etc.). However, the gift partners where the cards can be redeemed vary from country to country.

    On our partner page you can find out exactly which partners are available for each country!

    We currently only send physical gifts to addresses in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Can I have gifts delivered to the recipient’s home?
    Of course! Both the Kadonation Gift Card and physical gifts can be delivered to an address of your choice – whether that’s your office or the home address of the lucky recipient.

Physical gifts

  • Can I also order physical gifts without a Kadonation Select account?
    You can order physical end-of-year gifts from us whether you have a Kadonation Select account or not.

    You can also order the flexible Kadonation Gift Card via our online store. But an account for our versatile gift platform Kadonation Select offers you many more options: you have more choice in terms of the type of card, design, personalisation, combinations with physical gifts, and so on.

    Do you also want to order greetings cards, or physical gifts for occasions other than Christmas & New Year? Then Kadonation Select is the better option. It allows you to effortlessly link your HR system, put together a well-thought-out gift policy and easily choose from a unique range of physical and digital gifts, all in one place. Interested? Then give it a try, no strings attached!
  • What personalisation options are there for the physical gifts?
    This depends a lot on the type of gift. For almost all gifts, the card can be personalised. For some gifts, you can go one step further and personalise the sticker or sleeve around the gift or box.

    Our gift platform Kadonation Select clearly lists the options for each product.


  • What is the Kadonation Gift Card?
    The Kadonation Gift Card can be redeemed at more than 90 partners, giving the recipient absolute freedom of choice – from adventure to wellness or design, from treating themselves to donating to charity. In short: a pleasure for both giver and receiver. You can choose a digital gift card or a card in an envelope or luxury box, with or without sleeve.
  • What personalisation options are there for the Kadonation Gift Card?
    You can add the name of the recipient and a personal message to the Kadonation Gift Card, and have it designed completely in your organisation’s company branding.
  • Can I apply my own design to the Kadonation Gift Card?
    This is certainly possible, but note that there is an additional charge. We can provide the design for you, or you can choose to provide your own design. If you’re providing your own, please pay attention to the technical requirements.

    Take a look at this page for more information and some examples. Still have questions? Then feel free to contact us!
  • Does the Kadonation Gift Card have an expiration date?
    The Kadonation Gift Card has no expiration date. If you redeem the voucher with one of our gift partners, however, the terms and conditions of the gift partner in question will apply.

Setting up an online group gift

  • What is an online group gift?
    An online group gift is a type of digital safe in which money can be collected. In financial terms, an online group gift is an electronic wallet or eWallet that's at a financial institution. The organiser of the money pot is the owner of the electronic wallet. This means that no one (including Kadonation) except the organiser can use the collected money.
  • Which occasions can I create a group gift for?
    Simple: that's entirely up to you. From a birthday, end of the school year, retirement, promotion, farewell, anniversary, summer, end-of-year, wedding, newborn, condolences, get well soon,...
  • Are there any requirements for setting up an online group gift?
    Once you're 18 or older, there are no requirements for setting up an online group gift. Or perhaps there is one: making your friends, family, and colleagues happy!
  • Who can I invite to my online group gift?
    Anyone who has received an invitation or the direct link to your online group gift, will be able to see your online group gift and make a contribution. Only the organiser of the online group gift is able to spend the money.
  • Is there a limit to how much I can contribute?
    Aren't there enough little rules we need to adhere to? There is no limit to how much or how little you can contribute to online group gifts. Attention: if you contribute over €1.000 via bank transfer, we are required to ask you for your personal data.

Spending my online group gift

  • What is the result of a group gift?
    The organiser chooses how to spend the money once everyone has contributed or when their goal has been reached. There are two ways to spend the collected money:
    - Buy a gift or gift card from one of our gift partners
    - Buy a Kadonation Gift Card which the recipient can use to choose their own gift
  • Where can I spend the collected money?
    You can use the collected money to buy gifts from more than 90 different gift partners.
  • Does the Kadonation Gift Card have an expiration date?
    The Kadonation Gift Card has no expiration date. If you redeem the voucher with one of our gift partners, however, the terms and conditions of the gift partner in question will apply.
  • How will the Kadonation Gift Card be delivered?
    When you choose to transfer your online group gift, you will be emailed a Kadonation Gift Card containing a unique code. You can print out this gift card (PDF file) and give it to the lucky recipient. When they redeem their coupon on our website, the online group gift will be transferred to them.

    You can choose in advance when the recipient will receive this email including a step-by-step guide on how to use their online group gift.

Contributing to an online group gift

  • Which payment methods are available?
    You can contribute to an online group gift using multiple different payment methods. Kadonation accepts payments by Bancontact, iDeal, VISA, and Mastercard. Anyone who owns a bank card can easily contribute.
  • Can people see the amount of money I contributed / the total amount of money collected?
    The organiser can decide whether people can see who else is invited, how much money each invitee has contributed, and the total amount of money collected. Contributors themselves can also decide whether their contribution is visible to others or not. The organiser can always see your name and the amount you contributed.


  • Do I have to pay a transaction fee when I buy something from a gift partner?
    Buying something from one or more of our gift partners is completely free of charge! This means you can spend the total amount of collected money without worry.

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