Group giving without the hassle. For friends, family and colleagues.

We make it easy to collect money for a group gift. Set up a simple group gift,
invite con­trib­u­tors, and that’s it. All set to surprise someone with our fabulous gift card, 
which can be used to shop at 90+ gift partners.

Group giving was
never this simple.

Organising a group gift for a loved one can be easy and fast. All it takes is a few simple steps, and we’ll unburden you of chasing the money and reminding the group to pay up.

Why group gifts
with Kadonation?

Collect the
money online.

Kadonation offers the easiest way to pool money online, without wire transfers or multiple payment requests. Your group gift is managed on a single page, clean and simple.

We manage reminders.

Once you set up the group gift, we’ll send noti­fi­ca­tions and reminders to everyone. You don’t need to keep count or make sure everyone paid up.

Always the
perfect gift.

Struggling to find the perfect gift? We’ll send your loved one a (video) message from all of you, and of course, the gift. Our unique gift card allows the lucky one to shop at over 90 gift partners.

That one gift that will make everyone smile.

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. The Kadonation Gift Card allows your loved one to choose for themselves. With over 90 gift partners to choose from, you’re giving them something they really love.
We only work with the best of the best.

We’ve made a bunch of people happy. 

Johan Magnus

Countless gift cards in one simple choice. You’ll never give the wrong gift again!

Lorenz Ackx

Handy, straight­for­ward and easy to use. And green as well, since they plant a tree for each 100 euros worth of gifts.

Saskia Nachtergaele

Happy reactions from former co-workers who we gave gift cards to, because you can choose from a very extended offer. Worth it!

Donna Menconda

Absolutely fantastic! That we can do this, the ease it offers. It went so smooth and simple. I’ll definitely use this and recommend it to friends!

Valerie V.

Very handy to pool money for a gift among friends or colleagues. No more keeping track and counting. Kadonation makes it very easy for us. Also a plus that the lucky one can choose where he redeems his gift card.

Katrien Schrooten

Very fun way to pool together. No more chasing payments. People can choose how much they wish to contribute. Everyone can add a personal message, and choose whether their con­tri­bu­tion is visible to others. The recipients are always very happy!

Ann Smit

Super user friendly! Very easy to pool together and choose a gift. Extremely extensive offer of gift partners, by the way. I’m a fan!

Leila Cornelis

Very easy process to pool together with friends or family. The birthday boy or girl also has the flex­i­bil­i­ty to choose what they want from so many great brands: physical or online stores, you name it!

What can Kadonation
help you with?

Get started with Kadonation today,
and turn gifting into a breeze.

For your

Kadonation Select is the smart way to manage corporate gifting for your employees, customers and business relations.

Redeem your
gift card

Been nice enough to someone to earn a Kadonation Gift Card? Twice hurray! All that’s left to do, is to redeem your gift.

Set up a
group gift

Pool together with friends, family or colleagues and surprise someone with our fabulous Kadonation Gift Card. They’ll be eternally grateful.