An unforgettable birthday for your employees.

Surprising your employees becomes child’s play with the right tools. Find out how Kadonation can help you with this. 

Want to surprise your employees on their anniversary?

With Kadonation, of course!

Sweets box Hoera feest’

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Lisette’ Bouquet

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Rituals Sakura Renewing Collection

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Mailbox Brownies: Mix Speculoos & Oreo

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Balloon Congratulations’ with personalised text

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Birthday box | Vegan & Halal

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Film and chill package

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French Bloom Le Blanc NA 0% Bubbles & Inside Out Glasses

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Tony’s Chocolonely | Hieperdepiepert

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Tree | Congratulations

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Cocktail tasting | 5 cocktails

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The perfect birthday? 

Easy with Kadonation Select, the free platform for gifting without the hassle. No more endless searching for the right gift, no admin­is­tra­tive hassle, no more fear of forgetting someone! 

The right gift at the right time.

With Kadonation Select, you’ll always find the perfect birthday gift. Aside from the Kadonation Gift Card, you’ll also surprise the lucky ones with greeting cards and physical gifts. Fully cus­tomiz­able and in your own branding. 

Our offer is con­tin­u­ous­ly improved based on the wishes of our customers and market insights. This way, we’ll always have the perfect gift – no matter the occasion. 

A little extra for a child’s birthday.

For every 500 worth of gift cards, we donate 1 to Stichting Jarige Job (the Nether­lands) or FEESTvarken vzw (Belgium). These charities strive to fight child poverty, and aim to gift children birthday boxes with gifts, party supplies and treats.

Suited for every occasion.

Kadonation helps you surprise your co-workers when it matters most. With Kadonation Select, you’ll always have the perfect gift for any occasion, without the hassle. 

Fiscally favourable.

Birthdays are the perfect occasions to surprise your employees with fiscally favourable gifts. Eager to learn more? Download our whitepaper about the fiscal framework for employee gifting. 

Create a culture
of giving with us.

Enter the new era of corporate gifting with our powerful platform. Try it out for free, no strings attached.