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Appreciate your employees on their birthday

By Mathilde Van Vaerenbergh
12 Feb 2024

Organ­i­sa­tions are currently facing many new challenges. The workplace is more diverse than ever, with different gen­er­a­tions each with their own needs and pref­er­ences. Many companies are more than ever putting workplace happiness, , appre­ci­a­tion and recog­ni­tion of employees high on the priority list. People who feel appre­ci­at­ed become happier.

Why appreciate someone on their birthday? 

A survey of more than 2,000 employees in Belgium and the Nether­lands shows that getting appre­ci­a­tion from your employer on occasions in your personal life scores high. And what could be more personal than your birthday? On that day, the birthday girl or boy wants all the attention, including at the workplace. Four in ten 10 hope to get a token of appre­ci­a­tion from their employer on this day. Younger employees consider it even more important.

If, as a company, you include birthday’ as one of the moments of appre­ci­a­tion in the employee journey, you are guaranteed to have an edge. And with the right tools, you can effort­less­ly make sure you get the right gift without forgetting anyone.

We are a very diverse company. A one-sizefits-all birthday present’ is very difficult to find. Because we want to give every employee their favourite gift. We are so grateful that we go to know Kadonation and Kadonation Select at the right time.”

Anouk Catteeuw, Community manager at Bavet

Step-by-step plan: How to get started?

  1. Set the budget: Which gift you give is of course determined by the budget provided for each employee. Our own data shows that the average value of a birthday gift within the work sphere is € 30. Just make sure that your overall budget is sufficient to really appreciate every employee in an equal way. And imme­di­ate­ly get rid of a chaos of different standards across locations and depart­ments. And even if the budget is limited, you can still make a difference on the day with a card and your warm wishes.

  2. Determine the gift: The dream gift? Five in 10 employees wish to be surprised with a gift voucher. Three in 10 employees are happy with a tangible gift, food or some beverage. With a versatile gift card, you gift the recipient the absolute freedom of choice. This way, you are sure to give the right gift and your gift will not end up at the back of the cupboard or in the attic. If you prefer to give a tangible gift on this joyous day, be sure to ask immediate colleagues for tips. That way, you avoid a gift that is less appre­ci­at­ed.
  3. Involve the colleagues: The gift is only the carrier of the message. Meaningful gifts are given by enriching them with wishes of colleagues. The warm words of colleagues are sure to touch the heart of the birthday boy or girl. Passing a card around the office is less convenient in this age of hybrid working. A digital solution is therefore indis­pens­able. Digital is faster, more efficient and more sus­tain­able. Moreover, it offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty to add video messages.*

  4. Make sure you don’t forget anyone: An appre­ci­a­tion moment that falls on a different day for each employee requires quite a bit of attention and admin­is­tra­tive follow-up. Because nothing is more painful than sending birthday wishes to one colleague and totally forgetting another’s birthday. Auch..**

  5. Blowing out candles: Give the birthday boy or girl a real party at the office: decorate the workplace with the necessary props, put on party hats, provide cake and birthday candles and have a party song blaring from the speakers. Good for the office mood! And definitely don’t forget to hand over your birthday present.

* Use the Kadonation Kudos service and involve as many colleagues as you wish in collecting birthday wishes digitally. 

** For this too, you can rely on Kadonation. Fully compliant with privacy protection rules, we link to your employee database. This will keep you informed of upcoming birthdays and set any reminders. 

All-in-one gift platform

Kadonation Select is one platform to manage your employee gifts, expenses and invoices. In just a few clicks (or auto­mat­i­cal­ly), surprise your employees with per­son­alised gifts, without any hassle. With Kadonation Select, you choose for every occasion from a wide range of gifts and presents. 

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At Kadonation, we have our hearts in the right place. We are committed to act sus­tain­ably and constantly strive for improve­ment in terms of the 3 Ps: People, Planet and Prosperity. For every €500 of birthday gift vouchers that you order through Kadonation Select, Kadonation will donate €1 to FEESTvarken vzw (Belgium) or to Stichting Jarige Job (Nether­lands). These charities combat child poverty by donating birthday packages with a gift, party supplies and treat attributes to birthday children. So the birthday boy or girl can have a real birthday party!

Would you like the step-by-step plan in pdf?