Create a culture
of giving.

Happiness is a one-of-a-kind ROI. Attract top talent, boost employee engagement and appreciate your people with top-class per­son­al­ized gifting.

The ROI of employee gifting.

Boost your employer brand.

Set yourself apart from other brands to attract top talent.

Reinforce your company culture.

Create a culture of appre­ci­a­tion that keeps people happy and motivated.

Boost employee loyalty.

Show your staff you care, and make your business a place they love to be, and stay. 

Build personal relationships
through thoughtful gifting.

The all-in-one gifting platform

Order all your gifts in one go, quick and easy.

With Kadonation Select, you’ll always find the right gift for the right moment. Gift sets, flowers, gift cards and so much more – all in one place.

Automate your tasks

Never dig through spreadsheets again.

Simplify your gift-giving workflow, set up basic rules, give the right people access and stop wasting time on the same tedious tasks each time you wanna gift. We’ll take care of that for you.

Set up simple gift campaigns
for any momentOr any budget.

How we’ve helped our customers.

Stephanie Becquet

Happiness & Facility Officer @ Elmos

Kadonation has been our supplier of gifts for many years. Think birthdays, thank-yous, anniver­saries, and more. Their team is also incredibly helpful, no matter the question or problem. We’re a big fan.

Bilitis Knudde

Marketing Coor­di­na­tor @ Durabrik

We introduced a new referral program, and were looking for personal rewards to make each ambassador happy. Not an easy task. Kadonation’s gift cards were truly the perfect solution!

Sofie De Ceuster

HR Director @ Wit-Gele Kruis

Finding the right talent is a real challenge. We engage employees to help us, and reward them for their efforts with Kado­na­tion’s gifting platform. It’s very user-friendly, offers great pos­si­bil­i­ties and relieves us of all the admin­is­tra­tive hassle!

Sabine Corluy

HR Manager @ PSA Antwerp

Our appre­ci­a­tion & recog­ni­tion program is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to Kadonation Select. Our people are over the moon with their gifts! Being able to order both physical and digital gifts is a big plus.

Naomi Duym

Com­pen­sa­tion & Benefits Specialist @ Agidens

Agidens has been working with Kadonation for several years now. We’re very satisfied with the smooth coop­er­a­tion and the pos­si­bil­i­ties they offer. Their corporate gifting platform Kadonation Select is a big hit!

Create a culture
of giving with us.

Enter the new era of corporate gifting with our powerful platform. Try it out for free, no strings attached.