Rapid growth thanks to a happy and engaged team: PSA Antwerp shows us how it’s done!

PSA Antwerp, part of PSA Inter­na­tion­al, is the biggest container handler in the Port of Antwerp, loading and unloading the largest container ships in the world. In Belgium alone, the company has 4,000 employees and that number keeps on rising. Thanks to Kadonation Select, they’re also able to keep this fast-growing team happy and engaged.
Keeping the employees of a fast-growing, international company happy and engaged.
A handy overview and variety of employee gifts via Kadonation Select.
A robust recognition policy that supports PSA Antwerp’s FISH philosophy.

PSA Belgium is part of a large global group, specialised in the loading and unloading of container ships. In addition to its employees, the company also has a lot of contractors like technicians and dock workers.

About PSA

PSA Antwerp is part of PSA International, one of the largest port groups in the world, based in Singapore. In Belgium, they employ more than 4,000 people.



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4,000+ FTE's

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PSA is constantly looking for ways to continue to grow. For example, the company recently acquired the global logistics player BDP Inter­na­tion­al. They are also always on the lookout for new talent, so the company puts a lot of emphasis on their recog­ni­tion policy. We do this not only to attract new talent, but also to reward the commitment and engagement of current employees. A useful tool for this is the cen­tralised recog­ni­tion platform Kadonation Select.


For this customer story we spoke to Sabine Corluy, HR Manager L&D and Staff Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and Facility & Hos­pi­tal­i­ty Officer Zygia Van Den Bosch. They, and by extension PSA Inter­na­tion­al, believe it is important that recog­ni­tion extends beyond country borders, something that wasn’t easily achieved in the past.

Before working with Kadonation, we noticed that the invoicing process with other partners was often a bottleneck. The limited number of shops where our employees could spend their gift vouchers also wasn’t ideal,’ says Zygia.


When it comes to recog­ni­tion, PSA Inter­na­tion­al deals with a range of occasions, so one central platform to maintain an overview is key. Variation in the staff gifts is also a must. Our employees love getting Kadonation Gift Cards. But there are also times when you’d rather give someone a physical gift, like for Sin­terk­laas. The com­bi­na­tion of the gift card with a physical gift, which you can now do on the platform, is a real asset for the future,’ says Sabine.

The Customer Support team’s quick response to questions proves to be a big plus for them, as do the many gift occasions and the con­sid­er­able amount of time saved when ordering. Whether you’re just ordering the Kadonation Gift Card or physical gifts too, the platform is very user-friendly. Kadonation Select is constantly improving, and so too is our recog­ni­tion policy!’ Sabine adds.

Kadonation Select is always improving, and so is our recognition programme!’

Sabine Corluy

HR Manager L&D and Staff Com­mu­ni­ca­tion


The recog­ni­tion of our employees is a regular focus of ours,’ says Zygia. For example, when someone wins a company quiz, or when a godparent” takes a new colleague under their wing. And of course when there’s a wedding, new baby, retirement,… But we also like to show our support in the event of illness or death; as an employer, it’s important to be there for all of these moments.’ Thanks to Kadonation Select, this has become a lot easier.

Already familiar with the FISH philosophy?

As well as the more tra­di­tion­al occasions, PSA Antwerp also likes to celebrate those times when an employee goes the extra mile. This is partly thanks to the FISH philosophy: building stronger con­nec­tions by giving each other a pat on the back in a different way. We email each other com­pli­ments via digital fishing’: this common language of appre­ci­a­tion extends beyond country borders,’ Sabine explains.

The FISH philosophy is a mindset. The concept originated at Seattle fish market in the US. Selling fish is repetitive, cold and exhausting, yet the vendors show up every day with a smile on their face. What’s their secret?
These four elements ensure a positive working atmosphere every day:

  1. Be present – indicate when you’re available for a chat and also actively listen to each other.
  2. Enjoy yourself – in your job and in everyday life. And above all, do so with respect for each other.
  3. Make their day - find a way to brighten up your colleagues’ day (and yours at the same time).
  4. Choose your attitude – you choose your mindset. Is your attitude helping the team progress? That’s the goal!

What could be even better about Kadonation Select? A wider range of local products, like the tra­di­tion­al Antwerp hands! Our foreign colleagues always love those,’ Zygia laughs. Thanks for the tip!

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