Here’s how Durabrik rewards its brand ambassadors.

Project developer Durabrik believes in rolling out a referral programme to reward customers who bring in new neighbours’. They were looking for a personal way to thank their ambas­sadors, and found that Kadonation was the right solution for them.
A time-efficient reward programme with a personal touch.
The Kadonation Gift Card linked to more than 90 partners.
A lot of time saved thanks to the centralisation of their programme within Kadonation Select.

Durabrik, a well-known project developer with more than 250 employees, strongly believes in the power of people. Their new construction projects focus on sustainability but are also built for the people who will live in them. That’s why they place a lot of importance on word-of-mouth advertising from their customers and reward them with a referral bonus when they bring in new ‘neighbours’. Other initiatives to create a positive neighbourhood spirit are also rewarded via the Kadonation Select platform.

About Durabrik

Durabrik has been building new homes – for people and with people – for over 50 years. They focus on new housing requirements and develop sustainable solutions.



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Durabrik has been con­struct­ing sus­tain­able new-build homes for more than 50 years and supports customers through the entire con­struc­tion process from start to finish, and even beyond. Bilitis Knudde, Marketing Coor­di­na­tor at Durabrik, describes her employer’s mission as:​‘We build for people, with people, as people. That’s why we place such importance on that sense of community among the residents of our projects, so we like to celebrate that group now and again.’

Together with her colleagues in marketing, Bilitis also does a lot to encourage that neigh­bour­hood feeling.​‘It’s been proven that people feel happier in a nice area with friendly neighbours. That’s why we set up an ambassador programme where we reward our customers for helping us look for new neighbours.’ The company also launched its own Durabrik customer portal.

We felt that just transferring money was too impersonal, a bottle of champagne too subjective.”

Bilitis Knudde

Marketing Coor­di­na­tor

Through this portal, customers can get to know their future neighbours before they move into their new home.​‘Even after we’ve completed a project, we want to play a role. That’s why every neigh­bour­hood can receive up to 250 euros to spend on great ini­tia­tives. Like a street party, New Year’s drink, buying a community lawnmower, and so on.’

For their referral programme, they went in search of a personal reward that every ambassador would really get something out of. No easy task, because everyone has different tastes and pref­er­ences.​‘We felt that just trans­fer­ring money was too impersonal, a bottle of champagne too subjective. Some people prefer wine, beer or mocktails to champagne. We also didn’t think a gift voucher for a specific shop was the best choice as we don’t know what each customer likes.’ For­tu­nate­ly, the Kadonation Gift Card gives the recipient the freedom to choose.


Durabrik still wanted to be able to present people with a personal gift but without it becoming inef­fi­cient, so they opted for the Kadonation Gift Card.

We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the recipients and we’re of course very happy that we’ve found the perfect incentive.”

Bilitis Knudde

Marketing Coor­di­na­tor

Bilitis: Thanks to the large number of shops where they can spend the voucher, there’s something for everyone. This means we can give every customer a gift they’ll love. It’s also super handy that you can send the voucher online, as well as physically deliver it in a beautiful, per­son­alised box complete with Durabrik branding. As I work in marketing, I think this is a real bonus.’

Durabrik has been using Kadonation since 2018.
​‘Both for our ambassador programme and to thank customers who want to share their personal Durabrik experience in a customer story. For both we give the customer a 250 euro Kadonation Gift Card. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the recipients and we’re of course very happy that we’ve found the perfect incentive. And now that we can also order the gift cards via the new gift platform, Kadonation Select, everything runs even smoother than before.’


As a Kadonation Select customer from the very beginning, Durabrik sees a lot of benefits to the platform.

​‘Since launching the platform in 2021, we’re saving even more time because everything is now cen­tralised, from ordering to invoicing. Because we can enter our internal cost centre when placing an order, the invoice can be imme­di­ate­ly forwarded to our accounting team. No more wasting time on com­pli­cat­ed processes.’

The platform is also very intuitive, so it’s quick and easy to get started. Thanks to the sig­nif­i­cant time savings, the Kadonation Select platform is a real enabler for our organ­i­sa­tion,’ Bilitis concludes.

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