Referrals to fuel an efficient recruitment process: Odoo shows us how it’s done.

Believing in the power of word of mouth can certainly help you save on recruit­ment costs. Asking your colleagues to refer candidates comes with plenty of advantages, something that Odoo were also keen to put to experience!
Continue to attract enough suitable candidates for a fast-growing international company.
The power of a sophisticated referral bonus scheme thanks to Kadonation Select.
Not only more new starters, but also better matches.

You’re probably already familiar with the Belgian company Odoo: with its 12 million users and more than 4,000 employees spread across the globe, it’s pretty difficult to avoid this software provider.

Together with a steady growth in users, it is also important that the more than 150 vacancies are quickly filled with the right candidates. To maintain a high-quality inflow of candidates, the organisation offers a nice referral bonus via Kadonation Select. And it goes beyond pure referral: in some positions the new starter also gets an extra warm welcome in the form of the Kadonation Gift Card.

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Continue to attract enough suitable candidates for a fast-growing international company.

For a detailed overview of the current gift policy, we sat down with Laura Zerbini and Maëlle Dellieu, both Office Managers and part of Odoo’s four-person HR team. Their role is mainly aimed at creating a positive and productive working atmosphere. In addition, they each take on respon­si­bil­i­ty for one part of the gift policy.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we have now become too large for an extensive gift policy that covers every special occasion. For example, not everyone celebrates Easter or Christmas,’ Laura begins. But that doesn’t mean we don’t do anything, rather that we focus on ensuring that our gifts are very personal, even as we continue to grow.’

And the company is definitely expanding: their vacancy page currently lists more than 150 open positions. Lots of roles, something that is certainly not easy in the current market. A general shortage of qualified candidates has made it complex and chal­leng­ing for companies to find the talented employees they need.

To say that strategic talent management is extremely important here is an under­state­ment. So why not let one of your current employees, who was once a sought-after applicant themself, help you in your search? If their enthusiasm for the organ­i­sa­tion can help bring in a new colleague, then they should receive something in return. And so the referral bonus was born.

What is a referral bonus?

A referral bonus is a reward given to existing employees for bringing new workers into the company. The benefit of this is twofold: it encourages employees to propose suitable candidates, which can increase the speed and success of the recruit­ment process, and it helps the company save costs on external recruit­ment methods by taking advantage of the network of their current employees.


The power of a sophisticated referral bonus scheme thanks to Kadonation Select.

An inter­na­tion­al yet personal gift policy was previously named as an important pillar for Odoo. To safeguard that personal touch as much as possible, Odoo made a firm choice for a decen­tralised gift policy. This allows HR to keep their finger on the pulse, but since the team leaders know their colleagues a lot better, they are the best people to judge what their team members would like to receive.

For a position that is difficult to fill, the value of the Kadonation Gift Card even doubles from €400 to €800.”

Maëlle Dellieu

Office Manager at Odoo

What is still organised centrally are the special thanks and bonuses (like the referral bonus). Maëlle clarifies: We know that word gets around about our bonuses in devel­op­ment circles. This is very important to us, because good developers are not easy to come by. But also outside the product teams, we’ve noticed a positive change since the inte­gra­tion of the referral bonus. Employees are more motivated to talk about open roles within Odoo and this often results in the perfect candidate.’

Maëlle elaborates on the value of this bonus: For us, a successful referral is worth €400. If it is a difficult position to fill, we even increase the value of the flexible Kadonation Gift Card to €800. And because we know that developers are very difficult to find, those profiles also get a nice €2,000 bonus when they start. This is all very easy for us to arrange using Kadonation Select.’

Giving newcomers a starting bonus is a smart move. If someone decides not to join the company, this can incur sig­nif­i­cant costs. Consider the loss in pro­duc­tiv­i­ty because the vacancy remains unfilled (perhaps also causing increased pressure on current employees), having to make more time for a new round of interviews, and possibly the hiring of a recruit­ment agency. It’s also simply good for morale when a new joiner shows up on their first day full of enthusiasm. It is estimated that the total cost of an unfilled position ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands (!) of euros.

In addition to these bonuses, Laura also regularly orders a gift via Kadonation Select: Every three months, the all-round best performing sales­per­son” from each department receives a nice €300 bonus.’ But there is also appetite to use the platform in other ways: We’re also con­sid­er­ing rewarding seniority through Kadonation,’ Laura adds. Ordering is quick and easy and the range of gifts is always expanding.’


Not only more new starters, but also better matches.

Whether you’re a small or large company, are just looking for inspi­ra­tion or actually want to place an order, we highly recommend Kadonation Select,’ says Maëlle. The Gift Card is very popular, because it means everyone will find something to their taste.’

I know that when I need to find a gift, I will always look on Kadonation Select first.’

Laura Zerbini

Office Manager at Odoo

Laura also believes that the freedom to choose and the per­son­al­i­sa­tion options are great features. And the brownies are delicious!’ she laughs. We don’t always take advantage of the large selection, but I know that if I need to look for a gift, I will always look on Kadonation Select first. There’s almost nothing you don’t have!’

The time saved is also a real plus. For example, the invoices are auto­mat­i­cal­ly sent to our Finance department, which is much easier than having to request an invoice from an online store afterwards. I’ve become something of an expe­ri­enced online shopper over the years, but even I still easily save about three minutes per gift,’ says Laura. If you want to order ten different gifts, that time quickly adds up…

What can we improve about the platform? If the platform ever becomes available to indi­vid­u­als, I will definitely be creating myself an account,’ laughs Laura. Duly noted!

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