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About Flow Cosmetics

Always Natural. Always Effective. Always Honest.
Just the way your beauty routine should be!

At Flow Cosmetics, we believe we have a responsibility - to the planet, to our customers and to ourselves. Our values are based on holistic and effective beauty, sustainability and preserving the beauty of nature.

Our key ingredients

Our main active ingredients are Finland-derived wild berries and herbs. These are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and downright robust Nordic energy. This unique Nordic energy can be found in our products that take care of you on all levels: skin, mind and holistic well-being - just like nature.

We now know from green beauty that these products take care of the environment. In doing so, an important issue is often overlooked; namely the future of our oceans.

Conditions of a Flow Cosmetics voucher

  • Any amount between € 10 and € 250 is allowed
  • Only usable in Belgium & the Netherlands
  • Exchange gift card on flow-cosmetics.nl/
  • Valid for 2 year(s)
  • Sent digitally
  • Not combinable
  • The gift voucher can be used at multiple different times.
  • Not exchangeable for money

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