Sportpret vzw

About Sportpret vzw

    - Founded in 2016 and still growing
    - More than 100 volunteers
    - Thousands of participants each year
    - Operating in Antwerp, Turnhout, Sint-Niklaas and soon moving to more cities
    - Focusing on sport, fun and healthy food
    - A donation of 5 euros / month covers the cost for 1 activity a week for one kid

Sportpret vzw


Sportpret organizes sport activities and games for children in poverty. 
More and more Belgian children are growing up in poverty and Sportpret wants to defend the rights of these kids by organizing fun and educational activities. 
Thanks to donations, subsidies and a big group of enthusiastic volunteers, these children can enjoy the Sportpret days, Sportpret after School and other events. 
Each participant gets a T-shirt and a piece of fruit. Sportpret encourages physical exercise, fun, healthy food, social development and equal rights. 
With your support even more children can benefit from our activities.

Since Sportpret vzw can only issue tax certificates for direct donations according to Belgian regulations, it is not possible to obtain a tax certificate for your donation via Kadonation.