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Kadonation is the number one platform that makes collecting money for group gifts easier. But how did the idea for this platform come to be and what are the company's future goals? Find out more about Kadonation's origins and its team members below.


Throwback to December 2014. Fabrice was in charge of buying a birthday gift for one of his friends. As is usual, he had asked his other friends to chip in so they could buy one big group gift. As is also usual, collecting this money did not go smoothly. On the day of their friend's birthday party, Fabrice had to lend people money and the gift he was intent on buying was no longer in stock... #fail. At that moment, the idea to create a platform that would make collecting money much easier was conceived. During his studies, Fabrice worked out his idea and programmed it. With the support of iMinds and student cooperative ARTEpreneur, Kadonation was born.

After a test phase of about a year, the platform was ready to grow in 2015. Kadonation was lucky enough to be supported by startup accelerator 'The Birdhouse' which connected the new company to established entrepeneurs.

At the start of 2017, Kadonation successfully finishes its first financing round and is now able to stand on its own two feet as a public limited company. Many established entrepeneurs not only invest in Kadonation financially, but also share their knowledge and network. With two marketeers on board since the beginning of 2017, Kadonation is ready to conquer Belgium! Additionally, Kadonation was also launched as a donation-based crowdfunding platform which opens up new prospects.

In March, Kadonation leaves 'The Birdhouse's' coworking space and moves into its own office. There, they are ready to work hard on conquering the Belgian market.

To be continued!

Kadonation NV - BE0666.820.362
Gordunakaai 61, 9000 Gent België
Business address: Gordunakaai 61, 9000 Gent België
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The people behind Kadonation

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Elisa Doutreloigne - Community manager

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Isabel Raes - Marketing Manager

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Anneleen Aerts - Office Manager

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Aron D'hooge - Sales

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