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Show appreciation to your employees! Check these 6 tips.

By Isabel
04 Apr 2022

Talent management, inspiring leadership, a safe and healthy working envi­ron­ment and a good salary and working conditions – these are the key to success for motivating your employees. But there are other ways to reward and recognise. Employees that feel appre­ci­at­ed are happier and more committed. The more per­son­alised and unique you make it, the bigger the impact.

Here are our 6 tips on how to do this.

1/ A hand­writ­ten thank you

People get a real boost from a thank you! With so much digital com­mu­ni­ca­tion today, a hand­writ­ten thank you note is even more special. For example, with a classic greetings card you’re sure to make an impression.
Of course, verbal com­pli­ments at the proverbial coffee machine are also important. Expressing your appre­ci­a­tion in a personal way is really powerful.

2/ A digital pat on the back

Do you work from home a lot or want to thank a colleague who works in a different location? Then digital com­pli­ments are a nice alter­na­tive. There are lots of great options, like a digital wall of fame where you can express your appre­ci­a­tion.
It’s nice when the boss says thank you. But team members also know who deserves a pat on the back. Motivate your employees to thank and compliment each other in a way that’s also fun. Peer-to-peer recog­ni­tion strength­ens the team and improves the working atmosphere.

3/ Celebrate successes

Small, day-to-day wins? There’s a lot of potential for cel­e­bra­tion here too. For example, when you achieve something for the first time. By actively drawing attention to the things that go well, people feel energised and appre­ci­at­ed. That feeling is even stronger if everyone can hear or see it. Making successes visible by cel­e­brat­ing them works every time and everywhere. As a team lead, make your pat on the back public on the intranet, in the internal com­mu­ni­ca­tions app or the internal newsletter – public appre­ci­a­tion motivates people to go the extra mile.

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4/ A time to celebrate in the office

Recog­ni­tion and rewards are extra special when all colleagues can enjoy them together. A project has been suc­cess­ful­ly completed or targets have been met: celebrate this with a surprise toast during the team meeting, a relaxed lunch, or drink at the end of the day. Toasting what went well together multiplies the happiness and increases the team spirit.

5/ Give employees some time back

This kind of appre­ci­a­tion is always a winner! It doesn’t need to be a whole day. Just think about what’s feasible for your company: start an hour later or finish an hour earlier, or an afternoon free is a great way of rewarding and acknowl­edg­ing. Tip: as a company, support a #local-good-cause, and give your employees a day off each year to volunteer. A win-win for everyone!

6/ A gift that’s ALWAYS appre­ci­at­ed

A personal gift is noticed and appre­ci­at­ed much more than a bit of extra pay. Does #toomuch­choice stress you out? Something that everyone likes is often impersonal, like those classic staff gifts with a logo, a nice bottle of wine, … instead, create a real wow moment by getting a gift that the individual will really enjoy. A personal gift.

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