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Simple and cheap!

  • Free to organize a GroupGift!
  • Free to contribute to any Group Gift!
  • Free to spend money at our giftpartners.
  • Only when you request a bank-wire you pay a transaction cost of 4%. *

One completely free way of collecting & spending your money!

Create a GroupGift Free
Contribute to a GroupGift Free
Spend at
our giftpartners
Request a bank-wire 4% transaction cost*

* Each contribution on Kadonation is processed by the financial institution Mangopay. Like any payment provider, Mangopay calculates a cost for each transaction. The 4% transaction cost is therefore the sole purpose of covering this cost. Because we continue to negotiate to keep this cost as low as possible, and because we choose not to make a profit on those projects, Kadonation is significantly cheaper than other platforms.

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