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Free of charge

Easy and inexpensive!

  • Setting up a group gift is free
  • Contributing to a group gift is free!
  • Spending money on gifts and vouchers from our gift partners is free
  • You will only have to pay transaction fees when you request a bank transfer. *

Kadonation is the ideal platform to collect and spend money without any extra costs!

Set up a group gift Free
Contribute to a group gift Free
Buy gifts and vouchers from
our gift partners
Request a bank transfer (only crowdfunding) 4% transaction costs*

*Banktransfer is only available for crowdfunding, not for group gifts and not for gift cards! Only when you decide not to use the collected money to buy a gift from one of our gift partners, but instead want to transfer it to a bank account, will you have to pay a transaction fee of 4% of the transferred amount. This is because every contribution is processed by the financial institution Mangopay. Like every other payment provider, Mangopay charges fees for every transaction. The only purpose of the transaction costs of 4% is to cover those fees. Kadonation is much cheaper than other platforms because we keep negotiating for the lowest possible fees and because we choose not to profit from collections.