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Fabrice Guillermin
Founder Kadonation
+32 9 396 32 00
[email protected]

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You can use Kadonation to create a type of online group wallet that different people can contribute to. The collected sum of money can then be exchanged for a gift voucher or can be transferred to a bank account. via Bloovi

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[...] An enormous fire raged in the brasserie on Monday morning. Through Kadonation, a unique platform to set up an online money pot that can be filled with donations, Nathalie created a group. [...] via HLN

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"No more unnecessary hassle setting up group gifts, advancing money and then never seeing it again." These are the promises Kadonation, a startup company from Ghent, make. The online platform makes collecting money for group gifts much easier. via Het Nieuwsblad