The better way to do outbound marketing.

People may forget what you say and do, but never how you made them feel. Surprise event attendees with the gift of choice, or spoil your marketing contacts with gifts selected just for them. 

Why leading businesses gift with Kadonation.

Better gift choices.

Give exciting gifts instead of dull, tra­di­tion­al swag at con­fer­ences and events.

Promotional giveaways.

Organize giveaways that make a mark, with gifts that are actually fun and useful.


Provide a branded experience by adding your logo or branding. You can even include per­son­al­ized videos or notes.

Our platform has it all.

The all-in-one gifting platform

Order all your gifts in one go, quick and easy.

With our unique gifting platform, you’ll set up automated gifting campaigns in a few clicks for just about any occasion. Select your gifts from the most coveted brands and add your personal message, while our platform collects invoices and manages all paperwork for you.

Durabrik rewards ambassadors through Kadonation. Find out why.

Durabrik has become a staple in the con­struc­tion industry. Since 2018, they’ve been rewarding ambas­sadors with meaningful gifts through our platform. We’re very happy we found the perfect incentive, and it’s so much smoother.”

Create a culture of giving with us.

Enter the new era of corporate gifting with our powerful platform. Try it out for free, no strings attached.