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Gift inspi­ra­tion

The best gift for your employees in 2024

By Silke
15 Jul 2022

Employees are the foundation of any company. So they deserve to feel extra special now and again. The end of the year is the ideal oppor­tu­ni­ty to reward | thank | appreciate your employees with a staff gift. Thanks to an end-of-year gift, you can wrap up a successful year in style. And with the Kadonation Gift Card you really will make all your employees happy!

#1: Happy employees

Giving your employees the freedom to choose is a central aspect to the Kadonation Gift Card. Each employee can spend the gift card on whatever they like at more than 90 partners or over 1,000 stores! The gift card is not restric­tive like some other (end-of-year) gifts: a chocolate basket, employee gift with logo, a specific voucher, a bottle of wine…

#2: Personalised appreciation

The power of per­son­alised appre­ci­a­tion is not to be under­es­ti­mat­ed. It motivates employees to do their best and to take on new challenges. It also sig­nif­i­cant­ly closes the gap between the company and the employee. This is what makes it so important to treat everyone as an individual and ensure no one feels like a number.

That’s why we’ve made sure we can package every Kadonation Gift Card in a lovely little per­son­alised box. You can also easily link it to a personal text or video message to thank everyone for all their hard work over the past year or to shine the spotlight on a specific employee. This might be for an occasion like an anniver­sary, retirement, birthday, wedding or newborn…

#3: Everything taken care of for you

As an employer, if you decide to go for a Kadonation Gift Card, you don’t need to do very much. A manager just needs to provide us with an Excel list containing all the names of your employees and explain what you would like. We’ll handle all the rest for you, taking all that admin­is­tra­tive hassle off your plate! So you’ll soon be able to sleep soundly knowing we’ve received your request.

#4: Fiscally beneficial employee gift

The Kadonation Gift Card is also tax deductible! Employee gifts are 100% deductible up to 40 euros per employee and per year.

#5: Plenty of time to choose

The Kadonation Gift Card is valid for 3 years, giving your employees the time they need to make the right choice at one of our gift partners! There are more than 1,000 stores – much more choice than any average shopping street can offer.

#6: All for a good cause

Charities are very important to Kadonation. And employees are also often keen to be able to donate to a good cause.

With the Kadonation Gift Card you can split the value of the voucher and spend it at several partners, including by making a donation to a good cause. An overview of all the charities you can support through Kadonation can be found here.

At Kadonation we love supporting a good cause too. For every €100 we sell in Kadonation Gift Cards, we plant 1 tree via WeForest.

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