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Money pot? Collect all the money easily with Kadonation

Create a pool, share the link, receive all the contributions

How it works?

1.Start a money pot

Fill in who the money pot is for and for which occasion.
Average duration: ± 30 seconds

2. Invite friends and family

Via e-mail, Facebook or share the link. Everyone receives an invitation.

3. Receive all contributions

Invitees can pay safely by card. You'll receive a notification every time a contribution is made.

4. Buy a gift

Buy your gift with a voucher of one of our partner shops or transfer the amount to a bank account*. *For this you have to pay a small transaction cost of 4 percent.

Not sure what to give?

You can also let the receiver decide!

Collect all the money easily and quickly!

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A start-up from Ghent makes group gifting easy!

With Kadonation you can create a money pot where friends and family can contribute. The collected money can be exchanged for a gift voucher or can be transferred to a bank account.

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New tool to buy a gift in group.

More and more people collect money in group to buy a present for all occasions(birthdays, weddings, births ...). This new platform makes it easy to organize this.

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