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Online group gift

No more hassle to collect money from colleagues!

  • Start a group gift in the blink of an eye
  • Easily invite colleagues to contribute online
  • Collect funds effortlessly and transparently
  • Use the collected money to buy a gift with more than 80 Kadonation partners (or let the lucky recipient choose their own gift)

No more going around asking for money, no more advancing money or having to send embarrassing reminders. Now, you can include everyone, even from a distance.

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  • A hassle-free group gift
  • Organise an online group gift completely free
  • Easily invite friends and colleagues to contribute
  • Keep up with the digital times and forget that old-fashioned envelope.
  • We'd love to help introduce Kadonation within your organisation: Discover it here
  • Anyone can pay from anywhere with their favourite payment method: