Agidens – innovative employee recognition with Kadonation

Discover how Agidens approaches the war for talent, optimising employee recog­ni­tion with Kadonation. Flexible, digital and an inter­na­tion­al hit!
Finding and retaining technical profiles in a competitive industry
Flexible and international employee recognition platform
-Motivated, healthy and happy employees thanks to an extensive range of digital gifts
-Improved work–life balance
-A progressive HR policy

Agidens has been an established name in industrial automation for over 70 years now. The company is also always looking for ways to improve their internal efficiencies. Discover how they innovated using Kadonation as a flexible recognition platform, resulting in motivated, happy employees and a stronger company culture.

"Pioneers in industrial automation," is how Naomi Duym, Compensation & Benefits Specialist at Agidens, describes the company she works for. But the organisation is also leading the way with its HR policy.

About Agidens

Offering advice and engineering, automated solutions and maintenance & service support, Agidens has been providing companies with more efficiency, quality, safety and reliability for over 70 years. With its head office in Zwijndrecht, Agidens has a global presence in seven countries across Europe & the US.



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Finding and retaining technical profiles

Naomi: Our biggest challenge is recruiting and retaining engineers and technical profiles. The war for talent’ is still raging in our sector. We provide a lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties for talent to develop with regular training and on-the-job learning. And as we’re always working on innovative projects, there’s plenty to learn. So all our employees, both junior and senior, have lots of room to grow.

The 3 top priorities of Agidens’ HR policy

We are fully committed to keeping employees motivated, healthy and happy. We try to be as pro­gres­sive as possible in achieving a work-life balance and also in flexible benefits. For example, with the cafeteria plan’, employees can allocate part of their 13th month of salary to a benefit of their choice: sports club membership, extra pension or an electric company bike. The latter has proven to be very popular as a green and flexible mobility option, which is certainly beneficial if your company is close to the Antwerp Ring.


Flexible & inter­na­tion­al employee recog­ni­tion platform

We also like to continue that flex­i­bil­i­ty’ in our approach to employee gifts. In 2018 we discovered Kadonation and our visions clicked instantly. Before Kadonation we worked with paper gift vouchers through our meal voucher provider. Thankfully, the era of paper vouchers is over! I still remember it, all those packages on the table, constant running around, check lists… #stress.

You could only spend those vouchers in a limited number of shops. With a Kadonation Gift Card, we killed two birds with one stone: the range of gifts for our employees is now very large, and it’s all digital. At Agidens, we always go for digital ease and complete security.

Another advantage of the Kadonation Gift Card is that we can use them inter­na­tion­al­ly. In addition to our 450 employees in Belgium, we also have 70 employees in the Nether­lands that we want to treat in the same way. This is made very easy with the Kadonation Gift Card.”


Motivated, healthy and happy employees thanks to an extensive range of digital gifts

The Kadonation Gift Cards have been a big hit at Agidens. Splitting, saving, spending in different shops: anything’s possible. And they never expire! You can also spend it on hot topics’, like upgrading the design of your home office.”

Naomi manages the gift cards together with her HR colleague. They order and follow up on everything via the Kadonation Select platform. Naomi: We give a digital gift card for memorable events like a wedding, newborn or anniver­sary. To celebrate a retirement, we normally order the luxury gift box and then present it to them at a reception in their honour. With Kadonation Select, everything runs really smoothly and all within the same platform.

We were early adopters and also acted as beta testers for Kadonation Select. Kadonation has taken a really pro­fes­sion­al approach to the devel­op­ment of this tool. I suggested some improve­ments to how invoices are handled, and those were included in the final setup. We have two HR colleagues using Select. The tool is very user-friendly for ordering and following up on the gift vouchers.”

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