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Finding and keeping talent happy? Here’s how the White and Yellow Cross Flemish Brabant does it.

By Isabel
30 Dec 2022

The story

You’ve probably heard of the home nursing organ­i­sa­tion, the Wit-Gele Kruis (White and Yellow Cross). Or perhaps you’ve spotted one of their easy-to-recognise cars.

How does this organ­i­sa­tion manage to keep their talented team happy and motivated in such a difficult economic climate? To gain an insight into their recog­ni­tion programme, we spoke to HR director Sofie De Ceuster and HR adviser Liselore Dubois.

Kadonation builds connections in The War For Talent

Liselore explains: We’re really proud of our enthu­si­as­tic White and Yellow Cross team, which includes 770 employees in Flemish Brabant. We want each of them to feel good about working for our organ­i­sa­tion. That’s why we offer a salary that’s more than com­pet­i­tive, an attractive package with extra benefits, a car with an unlimited fuel card and, to top it off, we’ve also set up a fantastic recog­ni­tion programme.”

Sofie adds: We have a caring culture with a lot of focus on each individual. For example, each employee has regular coaching sessions aimed at their personal devel­op­ment. And although our employees are often on their own when they’re out and about, they’re certainly not alone. They can count on their team, and as a large organ­i­sa­tion we also offer a lot of services to support them.”

Finding good employees isn’t easy. That’s why we incen­tivise our employees to help us with this, by rewarding them with a Kadonation Gift Voucher.
-Liselore Dubois, HR Advisor Recruiting

Yet as an HR adviser spe­cial­is­ing in recruit­ment and selection, I’m seeing the con­se­quences of the war for talent more than ever,” Liselore concludes.

Recruiting good, pro­fes­sion­al workers really isn’t easy. That’s why we incen­tivise our employees to help us find new staff, and we reward them for this with a Kadonation Gift Voucher.

Broader and more efficient recognition programme thanks to Kadonation

Recruit­ment aside, organ­i­sa­tions of course also need to remember to invest in their current employees, something the White and Yellow Cross has really taken to heart.

It only takes a few clicks for me to send Kadonation gift vouchers to our employees, and completely in the White and Yellow Cross branding.”
- Liselore Dubois,HR Advisor Recruiting

Liselore explains: We already had a recog­ni­tion programme before we started working with Kadonation, because this is something we think is very important. We used to give a gift voucher specif­i­cal­ly for one shop. But the ordering, invoicing and delivery took up a lot of time.

Thanks to the Kadonation Select gift platform, it only takes a few clicks for me to send gift vouchers to our employees, and completely in the White and Yellow Cross branding. It’s precisely because of this user-friend­li­ness that we’ve been able to even expand our recog­ni­tion programme! The platform takes away all the admin­is­tra­tive hassle. All our orders and invoices are now easy to find in one place.”

Sofie adds: When showing our appre­ci­a­tion for our employees, we mainly look at the important life events, like a wedding, newborn, retirement, reaching a certain number of years of service in our organ­i­sa­tion, etc. Since we’ve been working with Kadonation Select, we can now give our employees an extra little gift on even more occasions. Kadonation is a real added value for our organ­i­sa­tion. Especially now that Kadonation also includes physical gifts in its range.

We have already ordered flowers through the platform on a number of occasions. To make our employees feel special, of course, but also for funerals, because we want to be there for our employees even during the difficult moments.”

A suitable gift for every occasion

Diana echoes how much her employer looks after its employees, and feels very appre­ci­at­ed in her job. On top of the appre­ci­a­tion I get from my patients, I regularly receive a heartfelt thank you and a gift from management, which I think is fantastic. When I celebrated my 5th anniver­sary at the White and Yellow Cross, I received a Kadonation Gift Voucher, which was a wonderful surprise!

I think it’s a great gift because I get to choose from lots of different shops. So I’m sure to find something I’ll like.” 
- Diana Monarque, Nurse

Sofie sees the added value of Kadonation for any organ­i­sa­tion wanting to show their appre­ci­a­tion for their employees on those occasions that matter. Because Kadonation gives employees enormous freedom of choice and is quick and simple for the employer. So really a win-win for both giver and receiver.”

Thank you for your kind words Sofie, Liselore and Diana!

About the White and Yellow Cross

The White and Yellow Cross is a home nursing organ­i­sa­tion that is set up per province as part of an over­ar­ch­ing federation. The care providers offer high-quality, tailor-made nursing expertise, at home or in one of the clinics spread across the region. All provinces combined have a total of approx­i­mate­ly 7,000 employees. The White and Yellow Cross Flemish Brabant currently employs 770 people.

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